• Skeleton Surfer

    Coming soon to some coasters in the shop.

    This design came about after brainstorming for a Surfboard shaper. In the end he went in a different direction to what I do, so I modified and cleaned it up and now I’m getting some round coasters made.

  • Another website built

    I built the new Australian Powerlifting League website. Their old website couldn’t deal with multiple addons to competition entries, (Squarespace is great for many uses, but didn’t have the functionality they needed moving forward).
    New APL WebsiteShopify would have been an option for them, but in the end it was deemed best that they own the website rather than effectively rent a store space with Shopify. Owning your own website files means you are not held to any other company’s future practices and ultimately control your online presence. They now have a shiny new website with lots of flexibility in the way of forms, products and competitions that they wish to produce.

    If you are interested in hiring me to build you a website, please get in touch below. I won’t do it for everyone, only those that I feel are a good fit with me personally as I feel this often brings out the best results for everyone.

  • Withnail and I

    Have you seen the film, Withnail and I? I used to watch it a lot.

    I made some fridge magnets using some images I made from characters and things in the movie, for my own amusement. #justforfun

    I put a picture up on my Instagram feed and left it at that. Then out of the blue someone asks me if they are still for sale (I didn’t sell any to start off with, they were prototypes, I was getting to know a machine I had bought that makes laminated fridge magnets (like this one) . Well, not wanting to disappoint, I said I could get some more made. The enquirer said they were for a motorcycle helmet! Very cool, I thought, someone wants a piece of art I have made and wants to show it off on a helmet, clearly a magnet won’t work, they wanted stickers, outdoorsy good ones. Being flattered and wanting to dip my toe into stickers and things, I said I could get some made, I worked out what they would cost, they were happy with that and I left my PayPal details with the hope that they will go ahead with the purchase. Isn’t social media great! (Actually I was considering closing some of my social media accounts, but clearly they are useful). I hope they enjoy the stickers. NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY

  • Freda Khalo

    A lot of people love the work of Mexican artist Freda Khalo, my mother-in-law has a friend who loves her, apparently, and she asked me to make a key ring for her. Well, I’m still waiting on some stock from a supplier to make my keyrings so thought I’d have a go at making some plastic pins. I based my Freda design on a photograph by Nickolas Muray, it’s not a direct copy but it is an interpretation of the famous Frida image. For the real image(s) taken by Muray and for exclusive limited prints, see the website of his work.

    These are a few I’m laminating, the finish is good, the edges need dealing with. I am also looking at other ways of sealing and finishing the pins.


    I tried using some glues but they didn’t work very well, and then I came across Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, which worked really well.
    Freda sealed and unsealed

    If you’re going to make some pins, have your design printed on plastic and are going to use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic as a cover, remember to seal your image first. The pin on the left is sealed, the one on the right is not and you can see that the ink had disappeared in places, the Dimensional Magic dries nice and clear and I will be using it on some products soon.

  • Plastic Experiments

    I’ve been trying out some plastic for some products I’m creating. I got some sheets online and made a small pin of my “Heat” image. It went fine, but I’m still working on a sealer to put over the ink of the image.
    I tried Mod Podge, but I think the thickness I applied or the heat here in Queensland made it thin out in places and stay slightly opaque in others.
    Too hot? or maybe the odd shape? What caused the curl ups?

    Next I tried some circles and unusual shaped cuts of plastic, but I was trying to help the kids with some crafts at the same time and left the temperature too high. I do have some different sheets from other suppliers coming and hope I have more success with those. Nothing is wasted, and lessons are learned.

  • The 2019 Phone Case is now available!

    Every year I have a phone case available for sale. For one year the design is available and then it’s gone forever! 2018s was a very bright neon vibe. This year, I’ve taken some inspiration from the colours in my Luna Park piece as a starting point. While more colours are used, it fits in with the pallet I used.

    Available now, gone forever in 2020.

  • New projects in the works

    The time of fatness is drawing to a close, I didn’t make any New Years resolutions this year, they always get broken. I did stop drinking cola and other fizzy drinks in October last year and haven’t looked back, so there is that. The main goal though is to improve.

    Now, work projects. I have some new printing equipment and am itching to start using it as soon as the school holidays are over and I have some proper time to knuckle down and create. There will be standard print run stuff, but also limited edition postcard prints that I will do personally by hand.

    I have also discovered some cool printable plastic that I will use to make pins/badges, I have started experimenting with it and will post more when I have some results worth talking about. In the future, I hope to have more “pocket change” priced items available like hand made pins as well as magnets and stickers. Original art pieces will still be available and the postcards that prove popular will still be available.
    Happy New Year!


  • Rush jobs

    Nothing like a text on a Saturday afternoon from a client needing some work done ready to email on Tuesday. The brief? Just need these items designed and created by Tuesday. Any information? Colours? Style? No, just so it fits in with the over all aesthetic which we already, our website and team colours. I do have their logo on file so that helps. I got the job done, but life is easier when there’s time to plan.